IBC 2000i
Product Description

ENPAC's NEW integrated IBC 2000i is the only one piece 100% polyethelyne IBC Spill Containment Unit that is nestable, forkliftable and comes with an integrated pail holder for quick and easy dispensing.

With a footprint size large enough to hold 99% of all IBC dispensing units, ENPAC's IBC 2000i is the most versatile IBC spill containment unit on the market. The large sump capacity exceeds the EPA 40 CFR 264.175* regulations and with its 3628.7 kg UDL load capacity, two IBC's can be stacked safely on top of the sump.

All units include a drain for the sump. Grates on the centre pedestal offer skid resistance and make loading easy.


  • Integrated 19 litre pail holder
  • Holds up to 3628 kg UDL
  • Large 1457 litre sump capacity with drain hole and plug
  • Tough polyethylene construction
  • Pedestal Dimensions: 139.7(L) x 140.97(W) x 76.6(H)cm
  • Overall Exterior Dimensions: 182.9(L) x 203.2(W) x 73.6(H)cm
  • Load Bearing Capacity UDL: 3628kg
  • Sump Capacity: 1457 litres
  • Weight: 132.44kg
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